How much will it cost to build my project?
How long will it take?
What will John Kinsley Architects charge to work on your project?
What is the process?
How do I give an architect a brief?
What are the risks involved and how are they minimised?
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Why John Kinsley Architects?

We are an award winning practice. Despite our recent formation, we have already won six awards and were named Practice of the Year at the 2018 Scottish Design Awards.

Whilst the practice itself is recently formed, practice principal John Kinsley has over 20 years’ experience of leading teams on award winning and often highly complex buildings across a range of sectors. Prior to setting up in practice, John has been responsible for buildings which have won multiple awards, including the Stirling Prize and the Doolan Award (for the best building in the UK and the best building in Scotland respectively). We combine the exuberance of a newly founded venture with the craft and skill hard earned through years of experience.

John Kinsley will personally lead your project. We will not delegate your project to a junior member of staff in order to maximise profit. We pride ourselves in building trust and a strong partnership with the people who commission us.

We innovate. Our project at Bath Street was at the time of construction, the largest cross laminated timber frame in Scotland – offering benefits to our client in terms of reduced cost, reduced programme durations, increased sustainability and increased health and wellbeing. Our Collective Custom Build approach to procurement offers significant benefits in terms of cost and quality. Our ‘shell and core’ approach facilitates ‘sweat equity’ thereby reducing costs and maximising opportunities for personalizing your home.

We can offer more than just a conventional architect’s duties. We have self built ourselves (both individually and collectively) and we are well placed to empathise with our clients embarking on that path. We can help source development funding, we can advise on legal and financial consultancy appointments to assist you with your project, and for collective custom build projects we can advise on appropriate forms of constitution and land acquisition to reduce LBTT payments.

We can offer particular skills in sustainable and energy efficient design. We have won two recent awards for the use of wood in building and prior to setting up in practice, John led teams which have won sustainable design awards from organisations including the British Council for Offices and the Scottish Design Awards.

We are tenacious. Delivering groundbreaking new projects is about more than coming up with a good concept. We will be by your side throughout the duration to ensure your vision can be translated into reality.