Why Collective Custom Build?


People deserve beautifully designed and carefully built homes and neighbourhoods which promote social well-being, economic resilience and environmental sustainability. The conventional mass housebuilder form of procurement unfortunately prioritises over all these aspirations the delivery of a profit to the developer.


Collective Custom Build uses a totally different procurement model where the future residents, alongside a professional design and construction team, jointly act as developer themselves, which means:-


You are involved right at the start of the process and can have a bespoke home uniquely designed to meet your own individual needs. You can design in flexibility to accommodate changes as your family requirements alter over time.


 You can make your home low energy to minimise ongoing costs and reduce the use of natural resources, with sustainable, natural materials for low maintenance.


 Working as part of a group you can share both the successes and difficulties of the project. Make friends with your neighbours before you even move in!


 Most importantly, all of this can be provided more economically than with a conventional ‘mass housebuilder’ model because the housebuilder’s profit is removed from the equation; each home is purchased at cost.


One in ten new homes built in Berlin are procured this way; in the last five years hundreds of schemes have been built there providing thousands of new homes. Our pioneering project in Bath Street, Portobello has shown that it can work just as well here in Scotland.

Please register your details via our contact page if you are interested in:-

Becoming a resident in one of our future collective custom build projects.

Investing in one of our future collective custom build projects.

Assisting us in sourcing land or finance for future collective custom build projects.

You can download our free guide with more information about how CCB works.

You can see more details of our Bath Street Collective Custom Build on our blog or at http://www.self-build.co.uk/blog/John-Kinsley